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Theta’s unique, nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing technology is capable of rapid flaw detection in 3D printed metals, conventional metals and composite components.


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BAE Systems and AMRC North West put RD1-TT to the test

Could this brand-new non-destructive testing technology prove to be the key to the future development of metal additive manufacturing?

Testing Innovation

100% Inspection

Theta’s technology enables rapid flaw detection across a 100% sample population, saving time and cost and improving manufacturing efficiency. Our solution offers a reliable, fast, production ready and cost-effective Quality Assurance system

Testing Innovation

Theta’s Advantage


With Theta, testing can occur without the presence of skilled engineers. We help you to reduce cost and remove bottlenecks. Full sample testing prior and during your process reduces scrap and optimises value add.


Eliminate subjectivity and avoid human error. Theta’s greater sensitivity enables more accurate flaw detection, improves product reliability and boosts user safety.


With Theta’s NLA technology, testing can be rapidly completed. An efficient triage capability enables pass / fail result in seconds. You benefit from rapid flaw detection and the ability to test the entire population.



Theta’s nonlinear acoustics (NLA) solutions offer new levels of performance and sensitivity in a range of sectors. We work with high-value manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, metals and the energy sector.


Application Solutions

Recent high-profile failures in nuclear plant production have underlined the need for fast and effective NDT. Radiography does not always provide results in a timely fashion.

The adoption of composites in the renewable energy sector has brought new NDT challenges in production and condition monitoring. Delamination and kissing bond flaws require new and more sensitive NDT solutions such as NLA.


Theta’s Technology

In the context of non-destructive testing, nonlinear acoustics (NLA) tests the structure of components, assemblies or finished items using sound or ultrasound.

We excite the structure with a linear stimulus and look for a nonlinear response, which is indicative of crack-like flaws.

We can use a variety of approaches, as befits the application.

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Theta Technologies is currently looking for partners in collaborative projects to validate and develop our technologies. To learn more, please contact our Applications Engineering Team.

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