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Discover how effective our nonlinear resonance NDT solution is with a complementary part test.

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Revolutionising Non-Destructive Testing for Additive Manufacturing

Our patented nonlinear resonance NDT technology is the only practical solution for complex 3D-printed metals produced at scale. Pioneering flaw detection with unmatched speed and accuracy, RD1-TT is indispensable for critical applications. Nonlinear resonance NDT plays a vital role in the practical implementation of Industry 4.0 by enabling smarter engineering to reduce material waste and empowering increasing design innovation.

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Introducing RD1-TT

The Rapid, In-house AM Part Inspection solution.

What is Non-destructive Testing?

Detect signs of weakness

NDT is used for examination of a part to ensure it has been manufactured to expectations, without deviation or areas of weakness that could result in failure.

Test without Destruction

Unlike destructive testing where a part is destroyed, a non-destructive test allows you to deploy a viable part for its intended purpose after the inspection process.

Predict part operation

Non-destructive testing ensures that manufactured parts meet rigorous industry standards and can assess their ability to withstand the pressures associated with use.

Cutting-edge Inspection for AM Part Validation

Nonlinear resonance NDT technology offers a number of key advantages over other inspection methods, providing you and your customers the confidence to embrace more advanced manufacturing techniques.

Faster AM part inspection with nonlinear resonance NDT by Theta Technologies.

Test Speed

The first NDT solution capable of performing a whole-body test in under one minute.

NDT for complex additive manufactured parts.

Design Freedom

Unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing with the ability to test complex geometric shapes.

More cost-effective NDT for additive manufacturing

Cost Per Part

Improve margins and receive a faster return on your investment with more cost-effective part inspection.

Latest NDT

Insights and Innovations

Article Date: May 2024

Additive Manufacturing: The Inspection Challenges You Face and How To Solve Them With NDT.

Addressing the unique part inspection challenges of AM is proving a challenge. Find out why and learn how to solve them with innovative non-destructive testing methods. 

Additive manufacturing in progress using laser powder bed fusion
3D print platform displaying multiple additive manufactured metal bars.

Insight | Reducing post-processing waste

Eliminate the risk of adding value to flawed parts at post-processing with nonlinear resonance NDT.

It is becoming increasingly important that manufacturers deploy an effective method of determining whether a part is worthy of adding value to during post-processing. Nonlinear resonance offers the solution.

Complex additively manufactured part produced using advanced techniques.

Feature | NDT for additive manufacturing

Theta Technologies’ RD1-TT brings innovations in additive manufacturing NDT.

The transformative power of additive manufacturing (AM) is undeniable. The imperative of ensuring the highest standards in part integrity has been a challenge for AM, but RD1-TT promises to change that.

Theta Technologies company representatives showcasing non-destructive testing products for aerospace at a recent exhibition

Insights | NDT for additive manufacture

Setting the standards for additive manufacturing non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions.

Theta Technologies’ revolutionary non-destructive testing technology solves the main challenges with AM quality assurance and allows manufacturers to understand their components like never before.

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