Introducing RD1-TT


Non-Destructive Testing for Metal AM

A rapid, cost-effective non-destructive testing solution designed to unlock the full potential of metal additive manufacturing.


RD1-TT non-destructive testing
RD1-TT non-destructive testing technology for metal additive manufacturing

Built to do more

As metal additive manufacturing develops, you need a non-destructive testing solution that can keep up. Here at Theta Technologies, we’ve developed the world’s only nonlinear resonance NDT solution designed specifically for additive manufactured parts. RD1-TT is a cost-effective, rapid solution that will allow you to test virtually any 3D-printed metal part for potentially detrimental flaws

Built for additive manufacturing

Specifically designed to test complex 3D printed metal parts for flaws including cracks, delaminations, and lack of fusion.

Built for design

Uses our unique nonlinear resonance technology which can test parts of varying complexity and surface finishes.

Built for scale

Immediate post-printing inspection allows you to scale-up your production and test 100% of manufactured parts.

truly rapid testing

A complete test of a component can be performed in under one minute. Don’t believe us? Watch the video to see how rapid RD1-TT actually is.

How RD1-TT compares

X-ray CT scanning has been the go-to NDT solution for manufacturers for decades, but limitations such as relatively poor resolution for large parts, complications with the testing of thick wall components, challenges with alloys such as copper, and the time and cost involved have forced manufacturers to seek alternative test solutions. RD1-TT outperforms X-Ray CT scanning in a number of key areas, making it the ideal cost-effective testing solution for your manufacturing process. 

RD1-TT (Nonlinear Resonance NDT)

X-ray CT Scanning

Range of defects

Penetration depth

Surface roughness

Speed of test

User expertise


Test more complex 3D-printed metal parts with a variety of surface finishes.

A more flexible workflow

As additive manufacturing processes become increasingly more sophisticated and more viable for the production of end-user parts for critical applications, you’re going to need an effective non-destructive testing solution that can keep up. Our nonlinear resonance technology provides you with just that, and has a number of key advantages over other NDT methods.

1. Design

Discover enhanced design freedom due to RD1-TT’s unique ability to test for flaws in complex AM parts.

2. Build

Your creative vision becomes a reality and your metal 3D parts come to life in the build stage.

3. NDT

No longer add value to flawed parts as RD1-TT allows you to test immediately after printing.

4. Post-processing

Confidently move onto the post-processing of your AM metal part knowing it’s fit for purpose.

5. Quality Control

The rigor of post-processing means it’s vital to perform a final quality check on your AM metal parts.

6. Packaging

Your AM metal parts have been thoroughly tested and are ready to be packaged and sent for use.


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Non-destructive Testing Just Got Rapid

Find out more about the world’s only nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing solution for metal AM, conventional metals, and composites.

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