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Non-Destructive Testing

A rapid, cost-effective non-destructive testing solution designed to unlock the full potential of metal additive manufacturing.


get to know Nonlinear Resonance NDT

As additive manufacturing processes become increasingly more sophisticated and more viable for the production of end-user parts for critical applications, you’re going to need an effective non-destructive testing solution that can keep up. Our nonlinear resonance technology provides you with just that, and has a number of key advantages over other NDT methods.

Detecting flaws that others can't

Our nonlinear resonance technology is capable of detecting flaws smaller than a millimetre regardless of the complexity of the 3D-printed metal components.

Fast, accurate and reliable test results

Our technology delivers rapid pass/fail results in under one minute, dramatically enhancing the efficiency of metal additive manufacturing processes.

No need for reference parts

Nonlinear resonance NDT is capable of exposing defects in individual components without the need for a “known good” reference sample.

Use-friendly non-destructive testing

We’ve simplified the testing process which means that checks can be carried out without the presence of highly-skilled operators; helping you reduce costs.

the benefits of Nonlinear Resonance

Find out more about this revolutionary NDT technology from the team that built it.

How it works

Metal components have a characteristic signature which is influenced by factors such as the shape and size of the part’s features. Nonlinear resonance allows us to exploit the fact that the signature of a flawed part changes as we excite it with sound waves. The process can be broken down into three simple steps.


We excite a metal component into resonance. A part that contains internal flaws will send back a nonlinear response during this excitation.


We measure the signal that returns to the detector to identify whether a metal component contains internal flaws.


Our simple pass/fail test results quickly identify whether a component is flawed immediately after printing, preventing you from wasting time and money adding value.

the choice is yours

Our NDT technology has been specifically designed to offer more choice and flexibility for manufacturers.

Test on the platform

Our unique nonlinear resonance technology allows you to perform a non-destructive test of your AM metal part immediately after printing. This helps you identify any issues with the print prior to undertaking any costly post-processing steps.

Test off the platform

Would you prefer to test your 3D-printed metal parts without the build plate? The choice is yours! Our non-destructive testing technology gives you both options and can be performed at multiple stages in your production workflow.

Case Studies

We understand that new technology can be difficult to embrace, that’s why we’re proud to be working with a range of exciting companies to validate our technique and take the benefits directly to our customers. Find out what we’ve been working and who with by reading our latest cases studies.

Unlocking the design potential of metal AM

Issue #1 of Theta Technologies News is available to read now. In this issue we find out more about a landmark collaboration project between BAE Systems and AMRC North West where our very own RD1-TT will be put through its paces.

learn more

Find out more about this revolutionary NDT technology from the team that built it.

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