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Rapid, cost-effective NDT flaw detection for metal AM, conventional metals, and composite components.


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We are a UK-based engineering company specialising in the non-destructive testing of parts produced for safety-critical applications in industries such as aerospace, defence, automotive and power generation. Our unique nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing technology is designed to offer safer, more cost-effective, and faster flaw detection for manufacturers of a variety of materials including:

NDT for Metals

The go-to material for manufacturers for decades. Metals have been the building block of most industries thanks to its unrivalled strength and versatility.

NDT for Additive Manufacture

3D printing offers manufacturers greater design freedom, but the increasing geometries and complexities on offer means that existing NDT methods are no longer suitable.

NDT for Composites

Since the mid 1990s, composites have been widely used in manufacturing processes thanks to its relatively low cost, light weight, and incredible strength.


Theta Technologies' The Case Study issue 3

NDT | The Case Study | Issue #5

Nonlinear Resonance NDT: Identifying flaws in complex 3D printed metal parts

3D printing has opened up a realm of possibilities for engineers and designers, enabling the creation of intricate and customised metal components that were once thought unattainable. However, the complexity inherent in these designs poses significant challenges when it comes to ensuring their structural integrity and quality. Find out how nonlinear resonance has been used to test notoriously complex heat exchanger components for signs of detrimental flaws


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Delve deep into the world of nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing and the company behind this revolutionary technology.

Introducing RD1-TT

The world’s only nonlinear resonance NDT solution specifically designed with metal additive manufacturing in mind. RD1-TT is not only capable of rapid flaw detection in even the most complex 3D-printed metal parts but can also detect flaws that other NDT solutions cannot see.

Our advantage

Our unique technology offers a number of key advantages over other non-destructive testing methods on the market.


The first NDT solution capable of performing a complete non-destructive test in under one minute.


Unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing with the ability to test metal and composite parts with complex geometry.


Our technology can detect even the smallest of flaws deep within manufactured parts that other NDT methods can’t.


Explore our expanding collection of video content designed to enhance your knowledge of Theta Technologies’ revolutionary NDT solution and keep you informed of our latest updates.

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solving additive manufacturing's quality assurance challenges with nonlinear resonance NDT

In this captivating interview with the CEO of Theta Technologies, Steve Butler, we dive into the world of additive manufacturing and explore the implications it has brought to the industry. This interview provides valuable insights into the transformative power of 3D printing and the crucial role of non-destructive testing (NDT) in ensuring the quality and reliability of increasingly complex parts. We unravel the impact of additive manufacturing on manufacturing decisions, the challenges it poses, and the innovative solutions Theta Technologies is bringing to the market.


Issue #2

The Case Study

Nonlinear resonance NDT: The rapid assessment of creep in nickel superalloy turbine blades

Non-destructive testing case study by Theta Technologies

Issue #3

The Case Study

Nonlinear resonance testing of metal AM star artefact samples

Non-destructive testing for metal additive manufacturing

Issue #4

The Case Study

Nonlinear resonance NDT: Using complementary NDT techniques to detect a wider range of flaws.



This game-changing non-destructive testing solution has been recognised at this year’s TCT Awards for offering an impressive portfolio of benefits for additive manufacturers during post-processing.

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