Nonlinear resonance NDT:

A game-changer for scale

metal additive manufacturing

Theta Technologies brings you a unique non-destructive testing solution designed specifically to unlock the potential of metal additive manufacturing.


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NDT for metal additive manufacturing

The ideal NDT solution

If you’re looking to embrace 3D printing as your preferred mass manufacturing method but have been left frustrated with the lack of suitable NDT options, Theta Technologies’ unique nonlinear resonance NDT is almost certainly the solution you’ve been waiting for.

nonlinear resonance NDT for metal additive manufacturing

Discover what nonlinear resonance NDT can do for you

With the increasing adoption of 3D printing as a preferred manufacturing method, you need an effective NDT solution. Theta Technologies’ unique nonlinear resonance NDT is built with scale metal AM production in mind.

the benefits of nonlinear resonance NDT for metal additive manufacturing

Learn about the benefits of nonlinear resonance NDT

From whole-body part tests in under a minute to the ability to test metal AM parts immediately after the build, nonlinear resonance NDT has a number of distinct benefits over other NDT methods.

Theta Technologies' nonlinear resonance NDT solution, RD1-TT

Find out how RD1-TT can save you both time and money

RD1-TT, the world’s first nonlinear resonance NDT solution can be deployed at various stages of the production workflow to ensure that you are only continuing to add value to viable end-user components.


Theta Technologies' The Case Study issue 3

The Case Study | Issue #3

Nonlinear Resonance testing of metal AM star artefact samples.

In this issue, we turn attention back to metal additive manufacturing with a collaborative project between Theta Technologies and Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE) who were looking to provide a comprehensive comparison of the different non-destructive testing techniques available for manufacturers.


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