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Episode 1: The need for speed

In this episode, we welcome Senior Digital Applications Engineer at Plymouth Science Park, Jacques Wood, and Theta Technologies Operations Manager, Kris Delaney to share their insights on AM in critical industries such as Oil and Gas, and Motorsport. Jacques discusses his previous experiences in delivering bespoke AM parts as a tier-one supplier for the world’s leading motorsport, Formula One, and sheds light on the pitfalls associated with the lack of faster inspection processes for additive manufacturers.

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In This Episode

Explore the benefits of adopting additive manufacturing for increased throughout, cost-saving, and turnaround time when supplying parts to industries such as Formula One.

Understand the importance and logistical challenges associated with part inspection processes for additive manufacturing when integrity and safety is of paramount importance.

Discover how and when non-destructive testing can be deployed throughout the manufacturing workflow to solve the key additive manufacturing quality control processes.

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