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Manage constraints

Quality Assurance

In manufacturing environments, extreme time and cost restraints can be imposed on any NDT solution, especially in high-value sectors such as automotive or aerospace. The rapid go/no-go approach made possible by Theta’s nonlinear resonance testing offers a new level of rapid quality assurance performance for manufacturing.

Whole-life analysis

Lifecycle Testing

The ability of NLA to detect a flaw at very early stages offers new insight into the lifecycle of a component. Creep life can be tracked from early microcracking through crack formation to (anticipation of) ultimate failure. Whole-life analysis and an enhanced understanding of change over time offers the confidence to retain components in service for longer, thereby reducing cost and improving ROI.


Cracks and delaminations

Joined Materials

Whether you are joining similar or dissimilar materials, there is always a risk of poor bonding at the interfaces. Welds can suffer from kissing bonds which undermine adhesive bonding. Delaminations in composites can be an equally serious problem.

Theta’s technology detects fine, crack-like features at unprecedented sensitivities. While conventional ultrasound is ‘blind’ below around 600 microns, pulse inversion has been shown to detect kissing bonds of 100-300 microns long.

Whatever your material or bond, Theta can deliver improved quality control.

Track over time

When structures are subjected to thermal and/or mechanical stress, they can to deform and, over time, this can lead to the development and propagation of microcracks.

The creeping development of these cracks undermines the integrity of the structure and can ultimately lead to failure. This could be catastrophic in service. Nonlinear acoustics can help to find these microcracks and to track their appearance and growth through  the whole lifecycle of the component.


Optimise your NDT

Testing efficiency

NDT can be time-consuming. It carries significant cost and impacts process efficiency. As a result, it isn’t always deployed optimally.

Rapid testing is possible using Theta’s triage solutions. The speed of testing enables deployment earlier in the process, and/or at multiple stages. Defective materials or parts can be quickly quarantined, minimising the risk of adding value to flawed parts.

In this way, Theta’s technology optimises testing to deliver significant cost savings.

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Theta Technologies is currently looking for partners in collaborative projects to validate and develop our technologies. To learn more, please contact our Applications Engineering Team.

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