Theta Technologies showcase the benefits of nonlinear resonance NDT to the aerospace test industry.

RD1-TT impresses at the Aerospace Test and Development show – and there’s good news for additive manufacturers heading to Formnext too!

Theta Technologies company representatives showcasing non-destructive testing products for aerospace at a recent exhibition

UK-based non-destructive testing specialists, Theta Technologies descended on Toulouse for the annual Aerospace Test and Development Show this September. Aerospace industry figures experienced a revolutionary, cost-effective NDT solution ideally suited for safety-critical applications first hand for the first time.

The live NDT experience

The team at Theta Technologies demonstrated RD1-TT’s impressive capabilities live over the course of the 2-day event, and this rapid non-destructive testing solution more than made its impression on attendees. With benefits ranging from rapid flaw detection (under a minute) to the ability to deliver detailed material property and dimensional data, RD1-TT gave some food for thought to those looking for a cost-effective NDT solution.

Team members presenting the advantages of our NDT technology for additive manufactured parts.

Earlier flaw detection

When asked why this technology was so well suited to the aerospace industry, Kris Delaney, Theta Technologies’ Operations Manager who was instrumental in the products’ development stated that “RD1-TT is a very sensitive machine, so it can find those flaws and potential defects much earlier in the production process. If you’re making a safety-critical aerospace part, then you can save a lot of costs in your production process by identifying flaws earlier. More importantly, you know you’ve got a safer part to put on a plane”.

If you were unable to attend this year’s Aerospace Test event, or you are manufacturing parts for other safety-critical applications, fear not! This wasn’t your one and only opportunity to experience Theta Technologies’ impressive non-destructive testing solution first-hand.

Additive manufactured part with complex geometries and the RD1-TT NDT solution for metal AM in the background.

The only cost-effective NDT solution for additive manufacturing

Boasting a strong portfolio of benefits for additive manufacturers, Theta Technologies have set their sights on delivering the live experience at the world’s biggest AM exhibition – Formnext. Yes, RD1-TT’s European tour is far from over, and after being put to work at a number of eager manufacturers’ test facilities over the coming weeks, RD1-TT will round off its European expedition with a trip to Frankfurt in Germany for the pinnacle of the additive manufacturing calendar.

The solution to Metal AM’s quality assurance challenges

With a unique set of quality assurance challenges, additive manufacturers’ only viable option to date has been the rather costly and time-consuming process of X-ray CT. But even this tried and tested NDT method has failed to instil confidence to fuel the widespread adoption of additive manufactured components, especially those destined for applications where failure is not an option.

Team providing a live demo of our NDT technology at the Aerospace test and development show 2023.

Nonlinear Resonance NDT Case Studies

NDT | Additive Manufacturing | Complex Parts

Addressing the challenges of non-destructive testing in complex additive manufactured parts.

In the rapidly advancing world of metal additive manufacturing, the quest for an effective non-destructive testing (NDT) solution remains. Heat exchangers, vital in automotive applications, epitomise the intricacy of 3D printed structures. Theta Technologies’ RD1-TT, with its nonlinear resonance NDT technology demonstrates its capability of handling complex metal AM designs and offering swift post-build evaluations.

Complex geometries? Not a problem for RD1-TT.

Theta Technologies’ R&D manager, Dr Daniel Sanmartin, who also attended last month’s event in Toulouse discussed how RD1-TT can solve the challenges experienced with the NDT of additive manufactured parts. “The biggest challenge is how to qualify novel technologies like additive manufacturing.” He added “One such challenge is how to inspect geometries that are very complex. Other NDT methods are generally not suitable here due to the difficulty of access or the surface roughness.”

Nonlinear resonance, the technique that underpins RD1-TT’s operation can resolve the quality issues highlighted here, with a unique ability to test increasingly complex additive manufactured parts, and even those that feature the inherent surface roughness. These abilities alone now allow additive manufacturers to test their parts immediately after the build, even while it remains on the print platform.

Unlock your path to production

So, if you’re currently embracing additive manufacturing, or indeed have the ambition to do so, what you’ve read here is too good to be true right? This is the part where we encourage you to try it for yourself.

Formnext is fast approaching, and if you’re making your way to Germany for the biggest 3D printing event of the year, then this is your opportunity to book a personalised live demonstration where you can bring some additive parts with you to test using RD1-TT live at the event.

Join the waiting list for a live NDT demo

More details will be released shortly but if you’re interested putting our technology to the ultimate test, join our waiting list. By doing so, you will not only be the first to know when we release personalised live demonstration appointments, but you may even receive some exclusive content offering all the information you could possibly need about nonlinear resonance NDT.

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