Three steps to success.

Our sole focus is on enabling excellence in inspection for a world of engineering challenges.


At Theta we engage with our clients at three different levels. Most clients will work through each level with us, moving from an initial pilot project to assess whether our technology will solve the problem, on to a development project involving a working prototype, through to a fully integrated and operational turnkey system. 

At all times, confidentiality is considered paramount, unless we agree that publicity would be mutually beneficial.

1. Pilot Project

Collaboration often begins with a Pilot Project, which is a low-risk, rapid turnaround, evaluation exercise. Normally we will test two or three relevant samples over a few days to assess whether our technology can solve your problem. This is a low-cost way to build your confidence in our capabilities quickly and efficiently.

2. Development project

If we are both confident that Theta’s technology holds a solution for you, we can agree a Development Project. The output of this will be a tangible piece of hardware and software which is a benchtop or laboratory demonstrator of a system which could be deployed on your premises. Expect this project to require several weeks or a few months of work, depending on its complexity.

3. Turnkey System

When we are all agreed on the specifications for an operational solution Theta will design and deliver a Turnkey System conformant to all appropriate standards, including installation, commission and training on your premises, with a maintenance and support programme. This system will seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure where required.

If you’d like to talk with us about how our technology could be applied to help your organisation please do get in touch. If you call the Theta office our Managing Director, Julian Wright, will be on hand to talk through your project and answer any initial questions. 

At Theta we are continually pushing the boundaries of NDT evaluation.

To talk further, please get in touch.