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The non-destructive testing solution set to unlock the true potential of metal additive manufacturing.

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RD1-TT in the spotlight


Earlier this year, Theta Technologies Limited announced the arrival of their first commercial non-destructive testing product to hit the market, RD1-TT. Although the machine is more than capable of testing a variety of manufactured parts such as conventional metals and composites, RD1-TT has been specifically designed to offer the first effective solution for the rapidly evolving metal additive manufacturing industry; Specifically those producing parts intended for safety-critical applications.


Until now, the lack of effective non-destructive testing capable of thoroughly assessing metal additive manufactured parts has restricted the design and end-use options available, with many manufacturers resorting to using the 3D printed parts solely for prototyping. RD1-TT is set to change all that.


Using Theta’s unique nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing technology, RD1-TT is the only solution capable of allowing additive manufacturers to fully embrace what is possible with metal additive manufacturing. The obstacles that have prevented those seeking to embrace 3D printing in their workflow are all but eradicated thanks to the capabilities of RD1-TT. Nonlinear resonance NDT can test additive manufactured parts of virtually any shape, even those with complex internal geometries such as heat exchangers, for flaws and defects that could dramatically limit the life of the part or, worst case scenario, cause the part to fail when in use. Existing NDT systems have struggled to adapt to the design potential associated with 3D printing and provide manufacturers with an effective test for such complex parts.


 The freedom of design benefits do not stop there. RD1-TT is also capable of testing parts with varying levels of surface finish; something that simply hasn’t been possible until now due to the impact this feature can have on interpreting the test results. Once again, this has restricted part design to a primarily smooth finish.


 We’ve only really scratched the surface (pardon the pun) with what this machine is truly capable of and the impact it could have in allowing additive manufacturers to evolve from prototyping to end-user parts. If you’re looking to fully embrace the power of additive manufacturing, especially for critical applications, it’s no secret that you are going to need an effective non-destructive testing solution.


So, if you would like to find out more, and get up close and personal with this machine, there’s some more good news. Theta Technologies Limited will be showcasing RD1-TT in all its glory in Frankfurt, Germany this November at Formnext. The four-day event, which takes place between the 15th and 18th November is the perfect opportunity for you to look around RD1-TT and speak with members of the Theta Technologies team to find out more about how this incredible machine can assist in realising your additive manufacturing dream.


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