Find out how Theta Technologies’ nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing solution can help you reduce costs, improve business margins, and unlock your path to production at Formnext 2023.

Unleash the power of RD1-TT:

Accelerate your AM production output

Theta Technologies’ nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing solution delivers where others have failed. Here is how RD1-TT can provide you with unrivaled design freedom for additive manufactured parts.

Multi-stage testing

With user-friendly operation and rapid test speeds, RD1-TT enables effective non-destructive testing every step of the way – from immediate post-printing inspection to identifying any potentially damaging post-processing procedure.

Competitive cost per part

RD1-TT has been specifically designed to slot into your existing facility to perform on-site NDT. No longer will you need to send parts to a third-party to validate the integrity of your AM components. 

Reduced procedural demands

Existing NDT methods such as x-ray CT scanning require highly-trained operators to perform safely and interpret the results. RD1-TT’s user-friendly operation reduces training costs and additional safety concerns. 

Thank you for visiting us at Formnext!

The team here at Theta Technologies would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us at this year’s Formnext event. Although we are confident that the team covered the benefits of RD1-TT for your additive manufacturing production, we thought we would supply you with some more information to help you understand our technology a little better.

Multi-stage testing

With a user-friendly operation and rapid test protocol, the RD1-TT enables multi-part, multi-stage testing throughout your R&D and Production processes.

Concerns over the quality of your print? Put the build plate in the RD1-TT and run a trial of all printed parts. The part characterisation capability of the RD1-TT will indicate if your parts have some integrity issues. If they do, you’ve just saved all your post-printing time and efforts on parts that wouldn’t pass final testing and inspection.

Concerned that your support removal technique is damaging parts? Run a test before and after support removal to confirm suspicions or alleviate your concerns.

Competitive cost per part

No travel off-site, no shipping costs, no supply chain

The RD1-TT removes a number of barriers that other advanced NDT techniques inherently have enabling an economical QA testing step in your process.

No Health and Safety demands, no significant power demands, no noise issues. The RD1-TT is designed with the end user in mind. Working in a laboratory with vibration-sensitive equipment? The RD1-TT isolates itself from the room via seismic padded castors. Working in an area with a number of others conducting precise work? The RD1-TT enclosure reduces the noise of a part under test.

The RD1-TT is designed to run off UK/EU mains power supply and a simple 3 pin plug. Please note that there is a US-compatible variant available on request.

Reduced training and procedural demands

Typical NDT solutions require operators to be highly skilled and conduct routine recertifications, or in the case of visual-based techniques, annual vision tests. The RD1-TT provides a solution that demands no further qualification or certification. A short training course provided by our expert engineers is sufficient to get your NDT team working efficiently on the RD1-TT.

The operating principles of the RD1-TT are also much simpler than other techniques, enabling you to revise any QA or inspection procedures quickly.

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