Find out how Theta Technologies’ nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing solution can help you accelerate your additive manufacturing production output and unlock your path to production at Formnext 2023.

Unleash the power of RD1-TT:

Accelerate your AM production output

Theta Technologies’ nonlinear resonance non-destructive testing solution delivers where others have failed. Here is how RD1-TT can provide you with unrivaled design freedom for additive manufactured parts.

Rapid test speeds

One of the biggest challenges with existing NDT methods, particularly techniques like X-ray CT scanning, is the length of time it takes to validate the integrity of your parts. RD1-TT will deliver results in under-a-minute.

On-site volumetric NDT

Tired of sending your parts away to a third party for your non-destructive tests? RD1-TT fits perfectly within your environment to allow on-site non-destructive tests – reducing both time and costs.

Process condition monitoring

RD1-TT has the unique ability to be deployed at multiple stages in your post-processing workflow, but the benefits are truly experienced when performing an immediate post-print inspection of your AM components.

Thank you for visiting us at Formnext!

The team here at Theta Technologies would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us at this year’s Formnext event. Although we are confident that the team covered the benefits of RD1-TT for your additive manufacturing production, we thought we would supply you with some more information to help you understand our technology a little better.

Rapid test speeds

Once optimised for your production parts, RD1-TT displays an unambiguous, clear triage result for your operator. A rapid, under-a-minute test time combined with robust and repeatable sample placement means your operators can conduct 100% part testing without impacting your throughput.

Despite a clear, unambiguous pass/ fail result on screen, RD1-TT also captures a matrix of key data metrics in the background to provide your NDT team and customers with the data, and confidence, in the results.

On-site volumetric NDT

You know the scenario, your Big account customer needs your AM parts immediately, they can’t delay fulfilling a major order –  can you help?

The RD1-TT can support you in that problem, an on-site, in-line QA solution could be just the answer to delivery. Remove the need to organise your process around your supply chain, packing and shipping parts for expensive alternative NDT methods halfway around the world or programming in delays for the specific day your NDT specialist is available.

Process condition monitoring

You’ve printed your part, you’ve removed the supports and now you’re deep into post-processing. RD1-TT can help refine each stage of your post-print processes by helping you determine the optimal parameters and replicating them across your batch.

For example, chemical surface finishing can remove microns-thick layers of material off your part – we can use the RD1-TT part characterisation abilities to determine how the process affects your parts and refine the length of the process.

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